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If you're looking for quality, affordable exhaust and muffler service, look no further! Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair's ASE Certified technicians are proficient at performing maintenance, service and repairs on exhaust systems and mufflers. Our highly trained exhaust and muffler experts have the skills and experience to perform all muffler repairs from fixing a clamp to installing custom made exhaust systems.

It is extremely important to maintain your vehicle's exhaust system and muffler. Not only does a properly functioning exhaust system help your vehicle run efficiently, this system helps protect the environment as well. Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair's team of experts perform professional inspections, diagnosis and repairs on muffler and exhaust systems on all makes and models of vehicles.

Call Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair for quality, affordable exhaust system and muffler repairs - 425-355-4440.

Local Exhaust System & Muffler Repairs in Everett, WA

The exhaust system - muffler, manifold, catalytic converter, resonator and exhaust & tail pipe - on your vehicle has several functions. This system helps blunt the sounds that are made by your vehicle's engine, reduces exhaust temperatures and controls emissions.

Your vehicle's muffler is designed to quiet engine noise and reduce the return of exhaust through the manifold. Your vehicle's catalytic converter reduces harmful gases that are created and helps to protect our environment. The exhaust manifold directs combustion chamber gases through the exhaust pipe, then through the catalytic convertor, on to the muffler then finally out the tail pipe. Thus guiding the exhaust flow away from your vehicle.

These essential parts of your exhaust system should be inspected, maintained, repaired or replaced to maximize the life of your vehicle and to make sure that your vehicle is working safely and reliably. Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair in Everett, WA performs muffler and exhaust system services quickly and professionally.

Call Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair today to schedule an inspection of your muffler and entire exhaust system - 425-355-4440.

Signs of a Faulty Exhaust System

Mufflers and parts of your vehicle's exhaust system are constructed out of material that is highly susceptible to rust and corrosion. This corrosion causes holes in the muffler or other parts of the exhaust system which can result in loud and sometimes even obnoxious noises, Rumbling or low-pitched sounds from beneath your vehicle.

Faulty exhaust systems can affect your engine's performance in negative ways! Our ASE Certified technicians at Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair can inspect your muffler and the rest of your exhaust system for rust or holes, and watch for unusual exhaust smoke. Our team of exhaust experts have years of experience and skills, and use up to date technology to diagnose, repair or replace your muffler, and any part of your exhaust system, quickly and affordably.

For quick and safe muffler replacement and exhaust system repair, call Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair in Everett, WA. 425-355-4440.

Your exhaust system should be checked at least once a year - and always when unexplainable noises are heard. At Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair, we know what to look for and can inspect for loose or corroded clamps and hangers. Trust our muffler experts to help keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely down the road.

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  • review rating 5  These guys and gals are champs. Been there 4 times now after a buddy refered me and going back again soon to get some more stuff done. If you don't need it, they won't try to sell it to you. They are friendly, professional, and make great conversation while you wait for your vehicle to be serviced and contemplate your seemingly insignificant finite existence in an ever-expanding infinite universe. They go the extra mile as well (replacing a screw in my window regulator, bolting the skid plate back up that's been hanging from a bungie cord for 9 months) And they like my dog too. Ike gives it 5 stars as well because he does a good sit and gets a treat for it. Whether you're a human or a dog, or even a dog-human hybrid that escaped from a top secret laboratory on Area 51, I recommend fleet service auto. 10/10 would bang again.

    thumb Keven Perkins
  • review rating 5  I visited Fleet Service Auto Repair for the first time. Since I walked in I received excellent customer service! The team @ FSATR were all very professional and knowledgeable, but above all, they are honest!!! When I picked up my car, they gave me a detailed report of the condition of my car, maintenance that could wait, issues that needed monitoring, and performed needed maintenance. I also received a free car wash and several discount coupons. I will definitely make Fleet Service Auto Repair my auto repair shop, the one I can trust! THANK YOU!

    thumb Lola Castruita

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