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News on Preventative Maintenance Programs

Purchasing a preventative maintenance (PM) program is a conscious and informed decision based on reflection and speculation - in a sense, kind of like buying insurance protection.

Purchasing insurance is risk management: you spend your dollars with the anticipation that you WILL need coverage and the insurance company collects your dollars in the risk that you will NOT need coverage. With PM Service, you are limiting the risk that it will take more dollars to repair your vehicle when (not "if") it needs repair. You are paying dollars in advance in the anticipation that you would have to spend more money on repairs later if you don't keep your vehicle in top-notch condition.

Unlike the insurance company though, the automotive repair facility is NOT offering PM servicing in the hopes that you will NOT need repairs. We all know that equipment needs to be maintained to give long and reliable service. But more importantly, what the repair facility knows for sure is that great customer service builds a specialized group of loyal repeat customers - and loyal, satisfied customers recommend their personal repair shop to their friends! Why? Because their vehicles are well maintained and break down less frequently, for fewer dollars.

Investment Protection

How does preventative maintenance service protect the second most important investment a person can make (the home being the first)?

We can think of several routine services that can add appreciated life to your valuable asset:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) - scheduled services such as the 15,000, 30,000 and 45,000 mile services, not only keep your technicians on top of the fluid and mechanical needs of your car, they are required to maintain your warranty.

Drive belts, brakes, valves and headlights may all need adjustment to work safely and properly. How often depends upon use.

Frequent fluid draining and replacement, like brake fluid, cooling system fluids and power steering fluids should be checked often.

We can do it!

Here at Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair we offer preventative maintenance services. Let us help you extend the life of your major investment. Whether you have one vehicle or over a hundred vehicles in your fleet, talk to us today about setting up a PM package that meets your automotive needs!

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  • review rating 5  Was soooo delighted to find a small local business who had everything I was looking for....certified mechanics, a motor home bay in addition to their others and a secure fenced in area for overnight care. They are thoughtful and considerate and brought my vehicle “up to snuff” within the stated and approved of estimate and gave me their new customer perks pack. I now have a place close by that I can establish a relationship with and bring both my car and motor home to in one place which is a huge benefit to me.

    thumb Marge Hoder
  • review rating 5  They were so kind, funny, and friendly! They gave me coffee and donuts to ease my pain and ordered (and paid for!) my Uber to work! They diagnosed my car and told me my options. They kept me up to date all day long via texts per my request.

    thumb sarah sanders-ode

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