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Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair

Complete Auto Repair, Truck Repair and Fleet Services

Our ASE Certified technicians employ the latest in automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor auto repair services on foreign and domestic vehicles. Here are just a few of the quality professional services Fleet Service Auto Repair & Truck Repair offers:

Tune ups
Wheel Alignment
Engine Repair
Smog & Emissions Testing
Full Brake Service
Oil and Lube
Suspension and Shock Repair
Belt and Hose Replacement
Diesel Service and Repair
Fuel Injection Service
Power Steering
Cooling System Flush
Preventative Maintenance
Air Conditioning Service
Complete Diagnostic Services

Oil and Oil Filter Service

Experts recommend changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle every 3 months or 3,000 miles. It’s an essential way to maximize engine protection. Oil changes at 7,500 miles are usually too long an interval for most common driving conditions.
Cooling System Service

Flush cooling system, add proper type of coolant, pressure test system, check hoses, fan operation, cap, water pump and belts.
Air Conditioning Service

One of our trained Air Conditioning specialists will inspect your car’s air conditioning system, all lines, evaporator, dryer, and compressor for leaks and wear. We will also listen for any improper noises coming from the compressor as well as the checking the system’s performance.
Driveline Service

Remove old worn out gear oil from the front and rear differential and transfer case.
Fuel/Air Induction Cleanup

Using specialized equipment our technicians will quickly and effectively clean intake manifold, ports, intake valves, and combustion chamber. Install injector cleaning additive in tank. This service will restore lost power and performance and will reduce harmful exhaust emissions.
Power Steering Flush

Our technicians will flush out old contaminated fluid and install fresh new fluid fortified with a special antioxidant and anti-wear ingredients to prevent expensive mechanical failure.
Transmission Service

Using the latest in state-of-the-art technology, we will flush out the old broken down fluid from the transmission valve body, torque converter and lines. Install new high-tech fluid with conditioners.

Whether your vehicles are gas, diesel, or hybrid and just need a tune-up or a major over-haul, FLEET SERVICE is ready to give you quality, professional auto repair and friendly customer service at fair and affordable prices.
Hybrid Service

The automotive industry is definitely changing now that there is a revitalized resurgence in environment awareness. You can depend on FLEET SERVICE AUTO REPAIR & TRUCK REPAIR to keep your hybrid vehicle in tip-top condition.
Repairs performed on:

Electrical wiring
High voltage power inverter
Hybrid motor/generator
Electric air-conditioning compressor
Continuously variable transmission
Regenerative Brakes
Valve clearance adjustment
Cooling system
Radiator Service
Engine & Transaxle/inverter coolant
Fuel injection
Ignition system diagnostics & repair
Power distribution
And more…

Your Satisfaction is our Guarantee!
*See your advisor for details.

More Quality Services:
Periodic Maintenances

30,000, 60,000 & 90,000 miles service
Oil and Filter Change
Transmission Service

Brake Systems

Brake Inspections
ABS Diagnosis
Pad Replacement
Shoe Replacement
Hydraulic Repairs

Cool/Heat Systems

Belts & Hoses
A/C Diagnosis
A/C Repairs
Electric Cooling Fans

Electrical Systems

Power Accessories
Charging & Starting
Electrical Wiring

Exhaust Systems

Catalytic Converters

Suspension Systems

2 Wheel Alignments
4 Wheel Alignments
Struts & Shocks
Drive Axles
Coil Springs

Fuel System

Fuel Injection
Fuel Pumps
Fuel Tanks
Electronic Controls

Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair

Taking Good Care of Your Entire Fleet!
We Know Your Fleet Is Important!

We know that keeping your fleet driving down the road is an economic necessity for your business! The last thing you need is to have vehicle failure. Vehicle break-downs not only cause costly interruptions in your daily activities, the personnel down-time and vehicle repairs mean double jeopardy. Thats why FLEET SERVICE is serious about caring for your fleet!

Most businesses today don’t take the time to initiate a PM program on their vehicle. Why? Most of us are in “rush” mode – too many activities and responsibilities on our plates. Yet, when our vehicles break down, your business stops – activities and responsibilities suffer. Some major repairs could be diminished or even eliminated by regular preventative maintenance.
We Can Keep Your Fleet Running Down The Road!

We can help keep your fleet on the road! FLEET SERVICE would like to custom build a Fleet Maintenance Package for you.
For your convenience, we put together some valuable information about our Fleet Packages. This includes:

A personal introduction to FLEET SERVICE owners & business managers.
A list of the fleet specialized services we offer.
Some current customer reviews & testimonials.
A Copy of your Vehicle Detailed History Report.
A List of Our Certifications & Affiliate Memberships.
Our Fleet Package Application and list of payment options.

Let us help you extend the life of your major business investment your fleet. Talk to us today about setting up a Fleet package that meets your business needs!


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