Service Expansion Update

Here at Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair we are committed to our community, making sure everyone can depend on their vehicle transportation to get them from point A to point B. With the current outbreak and shutdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have decided to expand our services to you, our valued customer.

Service Expansion: Pickup and Delivery of your vehicle

This service can be scheduled at your convenience. Call, text or email us with your request. You can find the chat function on our website or call us at 425-355-4440. At your request, we will come to your location whether that be work or home and pick your vehicle up that needs service. We then will complete services, take payment over the phone and deliver the vehicle safely back to your desired location.

This service is in effect immediately and will be available to customers until further notice. Our service area is subject to demand and availability of staff on hand. We will do our very best to accommodate in any way possible. Our pickup and delivery radius in respect to our service facility has not yet been determined. We will update that when we better realize the demand.

While your vehicle is in our hands our technicians are wearing gloves and sanitizing every step of the way. We are also installing plastic steering wheel covers on all vehicles in our possession. Our office staff are cleaning and sanitizing all contact areas within the facility while also wearing gloves throughout the day.

We are in the people business and care about your safety, you just happen to have vehicles we can fix! For additional information on how to keep your family and yourself safe:

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