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You want to make sure your vehicle stops when you step on your brake pedal. Keeping yourself and your passengers safe while driving down the road is a heavy responsibility. Don't let faulty brakes leave you in an unsafe predicament. Make sure your brakes are maintained and working reliably. At Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair, we are committed to keeping your brakes and all of your vehicle's systems in tip-top shape!

Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair's ASE Certified technicians are continually training to master every aspect of automotive care as the industry evolves. Our technicians are committed to providing professional, friendly service to all of our customers. Call Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair for expert, reliable brake maintenance and repair to ensure safe and smooth driving. 425-355-4440.

Your Braking System in a Nutshell

Brake systems vary by vehicle make and model but the basic system consists of disc brakes in the front, and either disc or drum brakes in the rear. Your brakes are linked to each wheel and the master cylinder by a series of stera line and hoses, which supply them with essential brake fluid (hydraulic fluid).

The master cylinder is a sort of "pressure converter". When you push down on the brake pedal the master cylinder converts this pressure to hydraulic pressure. This hydraulic pressure sends brake fluid into the wheel brakes. The steel braided brake lines and high pressure, shock, and road resistant brake hoses are the channels that deliver the pressurized brake fluid into the braking unit(s) at each wheel.

Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair knows your vehicle's braking system inside and out. Our professional technicians have the up to date equipment needed to diagnose and recommend repairs. We also have years of brake repair skills and experiences to 100% guarantee all the work we perform.

Make sure you have the confidence in your brakes that they will stop your vehicle when you step on the brake pedal - call Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair - 425-355-4440

Your Expert Brake Inspection, Maintenance & Repair in Everett, WA

Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair's friendly and professional ASE Certified technicians are experts in all phases of brake system repairs and maintenance. Call for a brake inspection, service or repair today!

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