1,000+ Auto Repair Services in Everett, WA

Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair is your trusted source for all your automotive needs. Since 1976, we have been providing service to a vast array of vehicle makes and models. Cars, trucks, and everything else in between, whatever the situation, we can help!

Complete Auto Repair Solutions

What does it mean to be a full-service auto repair shop? It means being a one-stop provider for solutions. You can call us for preventive maintenance, diagnostic (troubleshooting) services, and repair or replace broken parts. We also can install and sell basic needs such as tires, wiper blades, and light bulbs. Just remember, your first call for any want or need is Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair.

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Auto Repair with a Smile!

What makes a car repair shop successful? That's easy. Provide great service with a team of professionals who know how to make sure customers are comfortable, informed, and in control. We've been doing that since 1976, and plan to be your solution for a long time to come.

When you call, you can expect to speak with a highly trained, professional service advisor who understands that customers are different, their needs are different, and how they use their vehicle is different. Your advisor can provide you with a number of options and solutions to suit your ownership style. From classic cars to commuter cars, you'll be happy at every turn.

Modern Auto Repair Services

Auto repair has been around for a long time. Over time, it's gone from simple needs such as focusing on air, fuel, and spark to modern-day needs such as ADAS, fuel injection, and EV (Electrical Vehicles). These changes mean that the average automotive owner needs a shop employing certified technicians, who are educated annually, and the equipment to handle their concerns.

Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair takes pride in investing heavily in employee training, and modernizing equipment to provide service across all makes and models. Contact us today and let us keep your vehicle running right!

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  • Avatar Ashley M. ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Got my car in and repaired the next day. Super friendly, transparent and easy to work with. Found other defects with my vehicle but also told me if they did not pose a safety risk and we could wait on certain things before needed to be … More fixed. Love that from a repair shop!

Preventive Maintenance Services

One of the key automotive services we perform is called preventive maintenance. An example of these items include; oil changes, brake inspections, manufacture recommended inspection intervals (30,000 mile, 45,000 mile, 60,000 mile, etc.), and tire rotations.

These services help keep your car well maintained and lasting longer. Other benefits can include improved gas mileage and retained vehicle value. We offer something unique beyond your regular maintenance with our Customer Rewards Program. So not only do you enjoy all the benefits, but you are rewarded for taking great care of your car!

Automotive Diagnostic Services

Have you noticed a problem recently with your car? Perhaps a noise, smell, or leak? Everyone hates surprises and when they come up it can be frustrating. Knowing that you have a trusted repair shop that can diagnose these issues is always comforting. You have that comfort in Everett's own Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair.

We hire top-level ASE Certified diagnosticians who can troubleshoot any issue or problem. Once they have evaluated your automobile, we can advise you of the problem and provide repair or part replacement solutions to restore your vehicle to proper operation. If you think you have a problem, make your first call to Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair.

Auto Repair and Part Replacement Services

Whether replacing a set of tires, water pump, or head gasket, it's critically important to do the job right. Our business has been predicated on doing these repairs right the first time, every time. That is how we've grown to be one of the northwest's best repair shops for over 45 years, with one of the best customer satisfaction ratings. If you need a repair or part replacement, make Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair your first call!

Everett Auto Repair Near You

One of the most unique aspects of our facility is that we are located conveniently near you in Everett, right on the main road of Beverly Boulevard. For those that travel to the local market, we offer easy access from the I-5 freeway, and also offer shuttle services to your destination (speak with your advisor for details). Our customers come from all over Snohomish county and find that their experience is both convenient and rewarding. See our extensive list of testimonials to be reassured that your best choice is Fleet Service Auto and Truck Repair located near you.


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Check our testimonial page for reassurance in choosing Fleet Service Auto & Truck Repair as your only choice for all your car's needs!

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