Why Choose Fleet Service for Your Automotive Needs?

We strive to give you exceptional customer service. That's why we're different! Here are some of the reasons we think you'll be glad you came to Fleet Service Auto and Truck Repair:

Free Shuttle Service we'll give you a lift! We know sometimes it's hard to find someone to drop you off and pick you up when you have to leave your car for repairs. That's why we want to provide you with worry-free, convenient shuttle service. Let us chauffeur you to and from work, or school. Who knows? You might make some new friends on the way!
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Computerized Records & Preferences History Is your glove compartment full of vehicle repair orders and recommended maintenance notices? Can't remember when you had your oil changed last (and that little sticker on your windshield fell off last time you washed your windshield?) Most of us don't have the time or the energy to keep detailed records on auto repairs and maintenance. No worries! We can do that for you and then we'll even send you a postcard, or an email so you can make sure your automobiles keep in worry-free, tip-top condition.
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Priority Service & Scheduling because we know the history of your vehicle, we can prepare an effective preventative maintenance program for you. You can sleep sound knowing that a car that is maintained is less likely to break down! We'll keep you advised of your vehicle needs so you can make appointments convenient for you.
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Factory Scheduled Maintenance Schedules have a new car, or used car warranty? We're your dealership alternative. We can do your 30,60,90 day service to keep your warranty secure. And you can be sure we'll keep detailed records.
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One of the Newest & Most Advanced Alignment Machines in Town We're dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology. You want quality repairs and maintenance we want to give it to you. It takes hi-tech equipment to do that so that's what we have and we know how to use it!
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Customer Rewards and Discounts What's better than getting a great deal on auto care needs? Getting rewards and discounts! We offer both! Check out our Coupons & Discounts!
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  • Christina Black Avatar
    Christina Black

    I highly recommend Fleet Services. I've used both locations for my vehicles and honestly intend to return again. I... read more - 3/19/2020

  • Karen Sloane Avatar
    Karen Sloane

    Fleet service is the best. They’re a real neighborhood shop with high quality service. I’ve been coming her for at... read more - 12/13/2019

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